nursing in a stretchy wrap

 Generally we find nursing in a stretchy wrap can be difficult. The Moby Wrap and Boba Wrap are great carriers but if the main goal is to nurse in a carrier, we would recommend a non stretchy wrap like Girasol. Non stretchy fabric is easier to adjust. Of course other good nursing carriers are ring slings. 



1. Starting from an upright carying position, pull the middle section of fabric down and out of your way.

2. Peel back the shoulder panels and lift your baby straight up and out of the Moby Wrap.

3. Position baby so that both legs are on the same side -Ideally NOT on the side where the fabric is closes to your body.

4. Carefully hold baby's head and neck and lower him down into the shoulder section that is closest to your body.

5. Reach under the shoulder section where the babys legs are sticking out and spread the fabric closest to your body so that is is supporting the baby's head, shoulders, and bottom.

6. Spread both pieces of fabric to support baby's bottom and pull up the logo section for added security and privacy.



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